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Therapure Biopharma Launches Biologics Division as Evolve Biologics™, an Innovative Plasma-derived Therapeutics Company

New plasma products and technology company led by experienced senior management team, with industry veteran Blaine Forshage as Chief Executive Officer 

Dedicated to commercializing proprietary PlasmaCap EBA® technology to efficiently meet growing global demand for plasma-derived therapeutics 

Pipeline of product candidates, initially focused on commercialization of intravenous immunoglobulin (“IVIG”) and human serum albumin (“Albumin”) in the U.S. and Canadian markets 

Mississauga, ON, Canada (March 23, 2018) – Therapure Biopharma Inc. (“Therapure”) today announced it has launched its plasma products and technology division as Evolve Biologics (“Evolve”), an innovative developer of plasma-derived therapeutics, led by an experienced senior management team. 

Evolve’s leadership team consists of Chief Executive Officer Blaine Forshage; Chief Commercial Officer, David Holliday; and Chief Financial Officer, Gregory Gould. All three industry veterans bring significant experience in the global plasma-derived therapeutics market. 

“Today we publicly launch our strategy to realize the value in Therapure’s proven technology and team, through a company dedicated to the development of plasma-derived therapeutics for patients with rare chronic diseases and acute conditions,” said Gabriel de Alba, Chairman of Therapure and Managing Director and Partner at Catalyst Capital Group Inc. “Over the past seven years, we’ve carefully built the vision and capabilities for an innovative plasma-derived therapeutics business. Now, with an experienced, committed team led by Mr. Forshage, we’re ready to begin executing on our vision.” 

Mr. Forshage added, “With the new protein discoveries, indications and diagnoses driving global demand for plasma-derived therapeutics, it’s time for our industry to innovate beyond the plasma fractionation technologies originally developed in the 1940s. Our proprietary PlasmaCap EBA® technology is aimed at producing improved yields of many plasma-based proteins with greater efficiencies from the same liter of plasma. It is our goal to use this technology to commercialize an exciting portfolio of plasma-derived therapeutics, and we currently have two major proteins – IVIG and Albumin advancing in development.” 

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Forshage brings 25 years of experience in the healthcare and biologics market, with over 17 years at Baxter/Baxalta, most recently as North American Region Head (General Manager) for Baxalta Inc. Following his early career in sales, he served in multiple positions of increasing responsibility for Baxter/Baxalta and launched several brands in the plasma and hemophilia marketplace. Mr. Forshage earned a BS in Public Health and was recognized as a Distinguished Military Graduate from Texas A&M 

University. Upon graduation, Mr. Forshage served for two years with the United States Army Medical Corps. 

David Holliday recently joined Evolve as Chief Commercial Officer, bringing over 30 years of pharmaceutical and biologics experience. He has successfully launched and commercialized several significant brands, including ones in the UK, US and global markets, most recently as VP Commercial Operations for Octapharma US. Prior to that he was the Global Vice President of Marketing Operations & Hemophilia for Baxter BioScience, as well as running their UK Bioscience Business, following a 17-year career with Novartis. Mr. Holliday has a DMS from Kingston University in London, UK. 

Gregory Gould, Evolve’s Chief Financial Officer, has over 20 years of business experience in the biotech and life sciences market, including 17 years as a public company CFO at several NASDAQ- and NYSE-listed companies. He has closed on several transactions including in-licensing and out-licensing of products, buying and selling of products and divisions, and the sale of three publicly traded companies to maximize shareholder value. Mr. Gould started his career at Arthur Andersen LLP, has a BS in business administration from the University of Colorado and is a Certified Professional Accountant. 

PlasmaCap EBA® is an innovative technology for efficient capture of plasma proteins at higher yields and purities from human blood plasma. The technology uses expanded bed adsorption (EBA) chromatography to capture plasma proteins directly from plasma or fractionated plasma materials without the use of inefficient and potentially damaging cold ethanol. PlasmaCap EBA® has been able to demonstrate more efficient yields of plasma-based proteins of therapeutic value. 

About Evolve Biologics™

Evolve Biologics innovates and aims to commercialize plasma-derived therapeutics, using its proprietary PlasmaCap EBA® purification technology to more efficiently and effectively meet growing global patient demand for these products. Evolve is currently in the process of developing a portfolio of product candidates, including IVIG, which is currently in a Phase III clinical trial, and Albumin. The organization is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada). For more information, please visit

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