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Evolve is a new kind of biologics company founded for a clear purpose: bringing critical plasma proteins to the people who need them.

Evolve is a new kind of biologics company. We’re built around a next-generation technology for bringing critical therapeutics to the people who need them.

People with many rare diseases rely on therapies made from proteins extracted from blood plasma. For the past 80 years, these proteins have been captured through a largely unchanged yet expensive process. Until now.

We believe our patented next-generation technology, PlasmaCap EBA®, is the first major advancement in the field since the 1940s. We believe it will help us deliver critical plasma-derived therapeutics at higher levels of purity, efficiency, and quality than conventional methods can.

Ultimately, Evolve aims to improve the lives of people within a largely underserved market—building a broad and innovative product portfolio in the process.


We believe we can deliver plasma-derived therapeutics at higher levels of purity, efficiency, and reliability than anyone in our industry currently delivers.

As a first step toward achieving that vision, we have advanced the technology used to extract plasma proteins from blood. We believe our patented technique, PlasmaCap EBA®, is the first major innovation in this area in the past 80 years.

We believe this technique will allow us to advance the quality of plasma-derived therapeutics. It has the potential to extract more value from each liter of precious donor plasma as compared to legacy technology.

And this efficiency drives reliability—in both quality and consistency of supply. Because our technology is proprietary and protected, and we have direct control of our manufacturing, we expect our supply to be more consistent and predictable than today’s options.

We think it’s about time someone advanced the way biologics are delivered. So Evolve is doing just that.


Evolve may be a new company, but the essence of our story stretches back decades—and it will continue to be written for years to come.

  • Early 1940s

    The birth of fractionation

    Scientists developed the original technique for commercially extracting proteins from plasma in the WWII era, initially for albumin. The process, known as cold-ethanol fractionation, uses salts and alcohol to isolate components with potential therapeutic value.

  • 1950s–2010s

    Extraction as usual

    Fractionation has been used by all commercial manufacturers of plasma-derived therapeutics in the past without significant advancement of the overall process. Effective treatments have been successfully created from these proteins—but reliable purity and consistent supply have been ongoing challenges for healthcare providers and patients.

  • 2012

    A new technique emerges

    Initially acquired in 2012, PlasmaCap EBA is being actively developed and will be commercialized going forward by Evolve Biologics. The technique is expected to achieve high levels of purity while enabling more value to be extracted from each precious liter of donor plasma.

  • 2018

    A new company emerges

    Evolve Biologics launches as a division of Therapure Biopharma Inc., combining proprietary PlasmaCap EBA technology and top scientific and commercial talent behind its development. The organization is dedicated solely to developing new plasma-derived therapeutics using this technique.

  • 2019 and beyond

    New therapeutic possibilities await

    Evolve’s pipeline features promising plasma-derived therapeutic candidates initially based on two proteins, IVIG and albumin, both derived from PlasmaCap EBA® technology. A human Phase III clinical trial for IVIG is already underway. If approved, these therapies could make a significant difference in the lives of people with certain rare diseases.


We’re led by a proven executive team.

Our experienced and passionate leaders have spent decades honing their expertise across leading pharmaceutical and biologics organizations.

Jim Caggiano
Jim Caggiano

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Carr

Chief Financial Officer

David Holliday
David Holliday

Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Krause
Mark Krause

Senior VP, Operations