We’re evolving manufacturing and building the future.

For the past 80 years, plasma-derived therapeutics have been manufactured through a process known as “cold ethanol fractionation.” Through this process, plasma proteins are extracted from human plasma that are then used as life-saving therapeutics.

But now, the future of manufacturing is evolving.

Evolve is opening our first commercial manufacturing facility, located in Sachse, Texas, in 2024. The state-of-the-art facility will be the first globally to use our proprietary PlasmaCap® EBA technology to extract more of the precious proteins present in each liter of donor plasma, for efficient, sustainable, commercial-scale production of critical plasma-derived therapeutics. 

We're committed to advancing the way biologics are manufactured, and we're using our innovative technology to improve lives for patients around the world.

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It’s a place to make history.

Our first commercial manufacturing facility will enable us to sustainably and efficiently serve the growing demand for critical plasma proteins—and the patients who need these therapeutics.

We’ve planned for the initial processing capacity of one million liters of plasma annually, with eventual expansion to two million liters.

Stay tuned for more project details coming very soon.

Rendering of future manufacturing facility
Creating up to
new jobs
Located in
Sachse, TX
for transportation & workforce
Target date
for commercial production

Facility Updates

From site selection to state-of-the-art design and technology, we’ve made the plans that align with our purpose.


Making plans

After significant research of suitable locations for our new facility, a number of sites in Texas were identified which answered our space and infrastructure needs, with convenient, accessible transportation links and an experienced workforce.


Getting ready for groundbreaking

Evolve recently closed the important purchase of the required land parcel to build our first commercial production facility at the chosen location in Sachse (Dallas Metro), Texas. Our commercial facility is designed around our PlasmaCap EBA technology. We believe it will enable production of plasma proteins at higher levels of purity and reliability than the industry has ever been able to achieve.

2024 & beyond

Realizing our vision

Production capacity can efficiently and sustainably meet the global market’s rapidly growing demand for plasma-derived therapeutics, starting at launch and increasing into the future.

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Future Updates


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We are looking for people with vision.

At Evolve, we believe in talent. Our firm is dedicated to one thing: developing lifesaving plasma-derived therapeutics from our patented PlasmaCap EBA technology. If you want to join us, look at open positions on our Careers page. We are glad to become part of Sachse, TX, and to be creating hundreds of jobs in our new community.