We’re a new kind of biologics company.

About Us

We bring critical plasma proteins to the people who need them.

We’re developing treatments for people with rare diseases who lack important proteins in their blood. Our core technology has the potential to be the first major advancement in plasma protein extraction in over 75 years. We believe it will help us deliver these proteins at improved levels of quality and purity compared to conventional methods, ultimately helping us improve people’s lives.

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Our Technology

Our technology could be a game-changer for our industry.

Our proprietary technique, known as PlasmaCap EBA™, has the potential to extract more value from each liter of donor plasma as compared to the legacy technology in the plasma products industry.

Our unique process involves passing plasma through a series of sequential chromatography columns. Each column is designed with proprietary adsorbent beads that selectively extract plasma proteins with optimal protein binding.

This results in both enhanced product yield and purity for proteins used in proven therapies. We believe our process also has the potential to treat other rare disorders in the coming years.

Our Pipeline

We’re developing a pipeline of important plasma protein therapeutics.

Our initial priority is in developing and commercializing two well-established plasma protein therapeutics:

  • IVIG (Intravenous immunoglobulin), on which we began human trials in 2017 and for which we are targeting regulatory submission in 2019
  • Albumin (human serum albumin), for which we are also targeting regulatory submission in 2019

More information on our IVIG trial can be found at clinicaltrials.gov.

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Our Leadership

We’re led by a proven executive team.

Our experienced and passionate leaders have spent decades honing their expertise across leading pharmaceutical and biologics organizations.

Contact Us

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For general inquiries, email hello@evolvebio.com.

To inquire about employment with us, email talent@evolvebio.com.

To inquire about clinical trials, please contact Jacinthe Guindon, Clinical Affairs Department, at trials@evolvebio.com.

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